How To Add Your Store To Google Webmaster Tools

Google has a huge number of different products that can help you run your business online. Google Webmaster Tools is only one of them, but it is very important because it helps you see your website through Google’s eyes. There are many useful reports in GWT. You can see which pages are indexed on Google,… Read More »

How To Add Your Store To Bing Webmaster Tools

This tool is very similar to Google Webmaster Tools. Its purpose is to help you understand how Bing sees your site. You can find great insight there and get better understanding on your site’s performance and ranking. There are reports about indexed pages, search queries, backlinks, errors, etc. Let’s go through the steps together. Step… Read More »

How To Set Up Google Analytics With eCommerce Tracking And Goals

Google analytics is the most used web analytics product. It is free and relatively easy to use. This tool automatically collects data about your visitors such as; where they came from, which keywords they used, what browser they are using, did they make a purchase and many, many more. It is very important to have… Read More »

Featured Image for Web Analytics Dashboard

How To Get Incredible Sales Insights With Analytics Dashboards

We understand that running eCommerce store is a very demanding job. There is often no time to look at the Google Analytics reports. You need to devote time to understand and time to find insights from reports. It often takes too much time. However, Google Analytics gives us an option to create dashboards where we… Read More »