How To Remove Semalt From Your Store’s Referral Data

  What is If you search Google for “what is Semalt” or just “Semalt”, you will see information regarding the appearance of Semalt in many Google Analytics accounts. Semalt is marketing itself as a professional webmaster analytics tool. They are also selling a keyword ranking service. But its ‘crawler’ project has annoyed (if not… Read More »

These Health Check Guides Coming Soon

Below is the full list of step-by-step guides that are scheduled to appear in the Health Check category over the next few weeks. Many of these guides already exist in our own Knowledge Base, but we are transferring them into Small Revolution without our own internal references. You will be able to transfer these step-by-step… Read More »

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How To Remove Google Penalties From Your Store

After all the algorithm changes, Google is getting more and more restrictive with what is a legit SEO technique. Some of you are hit with the Google Manual Actions Penalty. The consequence is a huge drop in search engine rankings and a big decrease in visits from such valuable traffic source. Naturally, since you’ve invested… Read More »

How To Disavow Bad Store Backlinks When SEO Goes Wrong

In order for your eCommerce store to stand out from the crowd and get a higher ranking in Google search results, it needs to have a good number of visitors. And many of these visitors will come in through links from other websites. These are commonly referred to as “backlinks”. What Is A Backlink? A… Read More »