How To Style Your Products For A Photo Shoot

  Selling the product is the main goal of any and every online store owner. Even though the internet has made it possible to reach out to more potential customers than before has made one the issue of the customer not being able to look at the product itself has become more important than ever…. Read More »

How To Style Your Products For A Photo Shoot

Having great-looking product photos speaks volumes to customers. You need them to represent the physical products that you sell online, and making them more interesting and appealing can be done through photography techniques and styling. Why is product photo styling important for eCommerce stores? Selling product is the primary goal of every eCommerce store owner…. Read More »

How To Improve Your DIY Product Photographs

The aim of this guide is to help you understand the steps you can take to improve photographs that you have shot at home for your online store. Presentation is important; so make sure you get these simple steps right the first time.

your DIY photography studio background

How To Create A DIY Photography Studio

What is essential is that you create a consistent background for your products, as it is this feature that ensures you achieve that professional look. Setting up your own DIY studio at home is pretty easy, with most of the materials available around the home, and most of the rest easily sourced at your local… Read More »

How To Use Multiple Product Photos

An enormously important and influential part of your sales process is how you display your products in your store. Think about the millions of dollars that are spent by large retailers such as Walmart and Apple in displaying their products in a pleasant physical setting. The online environment limits the presentation of your product to… Read More »

image retouching

How To Find Photo Processing & Retouching Experts

After you have finished your photo shoot, you’ll be very pleased with the outcome. However, if you look closely you may notice some scratch marks, bits of fluff, or areas in your photographs where the lighting is not quite right. At this point, you would engage a professional retoucher to improve your product photos. Below… Read More »

How To Use 15 Photo Editing Apps For Fast Product Photos

When we venture into creating an eCommerce website or an online store, there are several factors that we must consider and keep in mind. Potential customers do not have the ability to touch, smell or taste the products they are interested in, so we need to provide relevant details and product photos as these are… Read More »

How To Use 13 Video Editing Apps For Fast Product Promotions

Videos are becoming a good tool to catch the attention of potential customers in the eCommerce industry. Videos are more interactive than a simple banner, a product photo or an advertisement. Since online customers are unable to touch, smell or taste the products they like, it’s an excellent idea to include videos on product pages… Read More »

How To Create A Video Sitemap For Your Store

Creating videos for your eCommerce store is just one way to help out and encourage customers to purchase from you. For example, if you have a new product that you’d like to introduce, you can use video instead of static images which you just paste within a specific page. Any eCommerce store owner will benefit… Read More »