How To Add Products To Your Bigcommerce Store

As store owners, you would like to provide as much information about the products that you sell to help your customers make a favorable purchasing decision. And these information are placed on each of the Product Pages. The most important part of your eCommerce store should be the Product Pages as this is where you present your products to the… Read More »

How To Add Products To Your Shopify Store

Adding Products to Shopify has most likely the same process as adding products to BigCommerce, however, since they are different platforms, they differ on the specific steps. Product Pages are very important part of your eCommerce store as this is the main page where you can showcase each product and recommend them to your visitors/customers. Always create… Read More »

How To Write Store Product Descriptions That Sell

A good quality product page, which naturally includes a good quality product description, will help customers learn about the product and ultimately make a choice to purchase. By providing this information stores become more trustworthy and you will be able to develop an ongoing relationship with the customers. This, of course, leads to a more… Read More »

How To Write Product Meta Data For Your Store

What Is Meta Data In HTML Documents? Search engines rely on meta data in web pages to categorise a busin/.hbkess, and then add that website to its database. More specifically – title and description tags are added to the <HEAD> section in a web page. The HEAD section of a web page gives technical instructions to… Read More »