How To Set Up A Knowledge Base For Capturing Store Processes

A Knowledge Base is a comprehensive set of processes and guides. The guides are usually step-by-step and commonly referred to as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). A SOP is a set of written instructions that document a routine or repetitive activity. SOPs describe both technical and administrative operational elements of a business. A SOP is written with… Read More »

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How To Copy The Knowledge Base

The aim of this guide is to help you create an exact copy of the Knowledge Base we use in our own stores. This will provide you with an organized structure, which you can begin to use immediately for storing your own processes.

How To Organize Your Knowledge Base So It’s Easy To Use

A Knowledge Base without organization is next to useless. We need to organize it in a logical format so it is largely intuitive to use. Ideally your Knowledge Base will cover the following points. It must be easy for you and your employees to locate the process or steps that you would like to go… Read More »

How To Write Standard Operating Procedures

A SOP describes, in great detail, the specific steps and procedures that need to be followed during a particular task. By creating and consistently using a good set of SOP you can reduce work effort and errors. The SOPs should be written in a consistent format that makes it easier for everyone to follow along…. Read More »

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How To Customize Your Knowledge Base Design Template

The aim of this guide is to walk you through the customization of your Knowledge Base on Google Sites. This is not an essential task; just something you may like to do once your main store is up and running.

How To Use Basecamp To Manage Your Projects

We use Basecamp not because we think it’s the best project management tool available, but because it’s the best project management tool for EMPLOYEES. Other project management tools either have an large number of complex features perfect for planning every tiny detail, or they are tightly focused tools for very small teams or individuals. As… Read More »

How To Securely Manage Passwords For Your Store

eCommerce stores will be using a number of accounts and will be using different passwords for each account (using the same password for all accounts is not recommended). These may be too many that there’s a tendency to interchange or forget these passwords. Nowadays, password theft is rampant and we don’t want these thieves to… Read More »

How To Create Screenshots

We use screenshots to illustrate steps in the how-to guides. The idea is to take a snapshot of a section of a web page that is relevant to the discussion. This is helpful in directing readers to the exact page indicated in the instruction, thus it will give better comprehension and will save a lot… Read More »

How To Create Screencasts For Faster Communication

Communication is very important in every business. Using this effectively promotes success as everyone will have a clear understanding of goals, directions as well as employee-employer relationships. As we will be handling remote teams, actual human interaction may not be possible. However, this does not mean that we’ll have a weak communication. This is no… Read More »