How To Choose A Store Name That Sticks

Choosing the name of the store is an important opportunity for your business. A good store name will be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. This process will help you to find a list of potential store names that can be converted into a domain name. A good domain name will: describe your store… Read More »

How To Shortcut Finding A Store Domain With Suggestion Tools

Choosing a name for your store is one of the first things that you need to do when setting up an eCommerce store. Although, it might be easy to think of possible names, unfortunately, some of the best names are no longer available. To learn more about how to create and choose name options for… Read More »

How To Register Your Store Domain Name With A Reliable Registrar

The first step for any business seeking to establish a distinctive on-line presence is to secure a domain name. A domain name is your physical address on the internet. Typing your unique domain name into a browsers search bar directs visitors to your website and your business – no one else’s. In order to get… Read More »

How To Setup Email Accounts For eCommerce Service

Each store, as well as having a domain-based email account (eg: also needs a Gmail account (eg: You can use the Gmail account for some community outreach activities, and also for setting up Google Analytics, Webmasters and Adwords accounts. It provides some flexibility with communications if you don’t want to use the primary store account. In… Read More »