How To Do Guest Posting The Ethical Way

We are in an era where content is still king and the main focus is to give more value to human readers. Gone are the days of stuffing keywords and creating content just to get noticed in the search engines. Although a lot has been said about guest posting (also referred to as guest blogging)… Read More »

How To Find And Record Guest Posting Opportunities

The main goals of guest posting to other blogs are to help spread the word about your eCommerce store, gain additional visitors and worthy backlinks. But before pitching in your idea to the host bloggers, it is essential to have a spreadsheet that will help you keep track of your guest posting activities. The thing… Read More »

How To Use Competitor Backlink Analysis For Guest Posting

  Most eCommerce stores are not the only ones in existence in a specific industry. It is likely that there are hundreds of competing e-stores that use guest posting as their inbound marketing strategy to be ahead of the rest and in order to gain more customers. Your competitors who’ve been in business for years… Read More »

How To Reach Out For Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting seems easier when you already have a list of relevant, niche-related host blogs you can get in touch with. But this process should not be done in haste and you have to examine what the blog is all about in order for you to craft a better post that will attract its readers…. Read More »

How To Convert Guest Articles To HTML With Absolute Paths

Sending approved guest posts to host bloggers is an exciting time for any guest blogger. You’ve written a great post about the topic that the readers will like and appreciate, and you’ve done thorough proofreading and editing to make it flawless for host bloggers and their audience. It is easy to just send in your… Read More »

How To Create A Guest Post Page For Your Store’s Blog

For an eCommerce store’s blog, you will regularly need new content that are relevant, informative, and useful to your readers. If you’ve been guest posting to other blogs, you know how challenging it is sometimes to get an approval from the owner because they have strict guideline and some of them has a lingering fear… Read More »