Why eCommerce Blogging Is Your Top Priority

  Part of an eCommerce store owner’s responsibilities is to build visibility for his store. Yours may be getting quite a few from Google by now, but you can improve your e-store’s visibility by creating a blog and writing posts as soon as you launched your store. If you haven’t started blogging, you are truly… Read More »

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How To Create A Blog Editorial Schedule In Task Management Tool

The aim of this guide is to help Stores create a list of blog articles that need to get written on a regular basis. It is hard work to just come up with 1 new article idea each week. Instead, it is much easier if you write down a whole bunch of ideas, schedule them in a task management tool, and assign them out to someone to work on.

How To Use The Art Of The Headline In Your Store Blog

The aim of this guide is to help your writers learn the ‘art’ of headline writing. The examples are mainly of a more sensational nature, but they have been proven over and over again to work quite well in getting readers to click.

How To Learn Effective Copywriting From The Best Teachers

There is often a misconception that anyone who knows how to speak and write in English will make an ideal copywriter. Knowing the language is one thing, but being a copywriter (or any type of writer, for that matter) requires understanding, training, practice, and continuous learning. Take for example a dog owner who has had… Read More »

How To Create Your Store’s Style Guide

A style guide is basically a branding tool which helps you create better, consistent messaging for your eCommerce website. As an e-store owner, you’d want your content delivered the right way, in the right tone of voice, and has a look and feel that your customers will recognize. This should be all across the board… Read More »

How To Follow A Few Blog Writing Basics

Today, blogging is not just a hobby of teenagers or those who love writing about anything they experience in their lives. Businesses and professionals use blogs to engage with their audiences and to ultimately improve their (inbound) marketing strategies for a more positive ROI. An eCommerce website is just one of the many online business… Read More »

How To Write Short Posts For Quick Social Media Fodder

Sometimes we don’t have time to create an in-depth, long-format article. This is where the Short Post format becomes useful. Creating ‘Short Posts’ are a quick way of creating new content in our store. Search engines like reading unique, informative content, and we can create this type of content very quickly and inexpensively. Short posts… Read More »

How To Write List-Based Blog Posts For Your Store

The aim of this guide is to help you and/or your freelance writers learn from and follow a very successful blog format. List-based posts have been popular since the very beginning of the Internet and are very easy to create. Schedule at least 1 list-based post into your store’s blog each week.

How To Write Curated Collection Blog Posts

  You need to know this guide because writing curated content is a method of providing value to your blog readers by using existing content from other online sources. Content curation itself is not bad at all and it is different from just copying and pasting other people’s published articles onto your own blog posts…. Read More »

How To Write How-To Articles for Products

A how-to blog post is one of the best ways to show your market the value of your product. Its aim is to explain to readers how products are assembled or even creative ways to use them through a series of steps. Most importantly, your aim should be to promote your  products and provide links to… Read More »

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How To Write Newsjacking Blog Posts For Your Industry

Newsjacking is considered as a strategy by many online marketing companies since it involves the process of using the popularity of a news story (or a hot trending topic online) in increasing customer engagement and sales. The term was actually popularized by the book Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story… Read More »

How To Create Product Inspiration Galleries

An inspiration gallery is a page where you can add photos of products that are similar, if not entirely the same, to yours. For example, if you’re selling a specific brand of gazebos and sail shades, you can search for photos of them on the web and add them onto your inspiration gallery. It is… Read More »

Create Call-To-Action Banners For Blog Posts

You need to know this guide because your blog posts are gateways to some (if not all) of your other e-store pages through CTAs (calls to action) included at the end of each post. A CTA can either be an image or an inline text (contextual) that prompts customers or leads to take action. Blog… Read More »

How To Find & Save Good Images

To make our web pages interesting for readers, it is ideal to include relevant photo/image. Sometimes we create posts with lots of texts and will appear boring to the readers. So it would be nicer to break up these texts with an image. It will attract more readers and will help convey the message of… Read More »

How To Crop & Edit Photos With PhotoScape

  To make our posts and product pages more interesting, it’s a good idea to include quality photos. Sometimes, we may need to edit these photos to make them look polished and professional. You can edit or enhance your product photos or blog post images easily with the help of a free software called PhotoScape. You… Read More »

How To Comply With Image Copyright And Stay Out Of Trouble

Copyright is a form of intellectual property, a legal concept that is granted to the creator of an original work to have exclusive rights of its use, distribution, and for the creator to receive compensation for their work. This is intended to support and motivate artists, photographers and authors to continue creating artistic and valuable… Read More »

Cheat Sheet for Social Media Image Sizes

Social media is one very important market place for our products. This is where we can connect to our customers, fans, followers and networks. It is important that we keep it updated to keep our network of customers engaged and well-informed. In a business perspective, adding updated photos to it is not as easy as… Read More »