How To Understand The Basics Of Pay Per Click

  Pay Per Click or PPC is slowly winning the hearts of online marketers everywhere. And the reason behind this? PPC is a valid form of advertisement that is gaining popularity, plus it provides clear-as-a-day marketing data on spending and returns. What is PPC? It’s best to think of PPC as a 3-stage operation. Advertisers… Read More »

These Advertising Guides Coming Soon

Below is the full list of step-by-step guides that are scheduled to appear in the Advertising category over the next few weeks. Many of these guides already exist in our own Knowledge Base, but we are transferring them into Small Revolution without our own internal references. You will be able to transfer these step-by-step guides… Read More »

How To Use A Negative Keyword Master List In eCommerce Advertising

Most eCommerce store owners make use of Google Adwords which has far become a great tool for advertising and promoting online. We use this to advertise and attract people to click and visit our stores. But are you using your Adwords account effectively? Are you not wasting money on clicks that are NEVER going to convert… Read More »