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As a copywriter, the content you create determines how successful you become in your field. Many people are talented writers, but few know how to excel in writing commercially for search engines.

Well-paying employers are looking for the best copywriters, so it’s worth learning the skills and behaviours that will help you kickstart and maintain a successful copywriting career.


Over the next few weeks we will be transferring parts of CopySmiths‘ in-house SEO Copywriting training over to this section in Small Revolution.

It’s my hope that rather than simply rejecting 100s of writer’s work applications and offering no way forward, we’ll be able to provide some guidance to help you improve.

This free course will provide real-world tools, techniques, and training necessary to master SEO copywriting for blog articles. In fact, taking this course is compulsory for all copywriters working at our own content shop, CopySmiths.

Get 10 years worth of blog article writing knowledge packaged into a short course.

With this knowledge, you’re able to gain more clients, charge more for your content, and build a successful copywriting career. Or, work for CopySmiths!

Bookmark this page and visit again in late March 2022.