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Kenyans are joining the freelance movement in droves.

Some are dropping their low-paying office jobs in favour of the more lucrative online jobs.

Others join the sector straight out of campus to escape the rigours of tarmacking.

Haijalishi ulifikia hii sector lini ama aje. Ya muhimu ni kuipeleka na rieng.

Ukitaka kutoboa kwa hii field lazima uwe na system za kurefine time management, productivity, writing skills, na hata creativity.

Otherwise, mtajuana na msoto kwa vilemba.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps at your disposal to help you manage every aspect of working online. From time management to productivity to spell checkers and creativity boosters, you’re spoiled for choice.

Best of all? Most of these apps are free of charge.

Harnessing the power of these apps can give you a sense of direction and help skyrocket your productivity while letting you strike the delicate work-balance.

Best Apps for the Savvy Online Worker in Kenya

Remote Access Apps


TeamViewer allows someone else to remotely access their computer or desktop from anywhere in the world. Clients and employers use such an app to keep an eye on the employees, especially when paying them by the hour.

TeamViewer provides a safe and secure working environment and won’t compromise your confidential information and data. The app boasts 40+ million daily secessions, connecting 1.7+ billion devices.

How Is TeamViewer Useful?

It means that you don’t have to travel with your laptop when going for a sleepover or to visit a friend. You only need to log into your TeamViewer account, and you can access your computer back at home. It lets you work from any computer, even one that doesn’t have your favourite software.

Pricing: Free of charge for personal use
Compatibility: Connects computers, computer to smartphone, smartphone to smartphone
Availability: Website, desktop, Apple Store and Play Store


RealVNC is a screen-sharing app that lets you work remotely and offer remote assistance. The app’s user database of more than 250 million uses is a testament to its efficiency, top-level security, and data safety. You can be sure your sensitive information won’t get into the wrong hands.

When Is RealVNC an Asset?

Most companies require their customer support staff to use a specialized customer relationship management system. That’d mean installing the software into your computer.

If the software was to malfunction, VNC gives the company’s IT professionals access to your PC from anywhere in the world. That lets the IT guys fix the issue quickly and efficiently, and let you get to the dollar chase.

Pricing: Free Home Plan
Compatibility: Android and iOS devices, Mac, Linux, and Windows
Download: Play and App Store, website

Time Management Apps

Top Tracker

Top Tracker lets you track your progress as you work from any device at your disposal by generating intuitive and transparent reports. It’s specifically crafted to help freelancers skyrocket their productivity.

When Is This App Useful?

Everyday. You must keep an eye on your productivity to reap the reward of being a remote worker in Kenya. Otherwise, it’s easy to get sidetracked and miss crucial deadlines, much to the chagrin of your clients. Tracking progress on each project lets you meet deadlines and grow your earnings. It also enables you to identify and improve your shortcomings.

Studying the real-time reports from Top Tracker offers deep insights into your working habits to let you prune the bad ones.  

Pricing: Absolutely Free
: Windows, Mac

Productivity Apps

Rescue Time

As the name suggests, Rescue Time is on a mission to help you save precious time. The app lets you track your daily habits and identify the distractions that eat into your productivity. That way, you get to improve both your focus and productivity.

With Time Rescue, You Get To:

  • Generate daily and weekly productivity reports
  • Set daily and weekly goals and track your progress
  • Disable most distracting sites
  • Keep an eye on your offline activities

Why Is Time Rescue Effective?

It’s easy to get distracted when working from home since no one is breathing down your neck. You can be sucked down into the rabbit hole that is social media or YouTube instead of tackling your tasks.

Rescue Time tracks the time you spend indulging in these distractions, leaving you to pepper yourself with guilt at the end of each day. Quantifying the lost earnings can prompt you to purge the distractions from your work life.

Pricing: Lite is free forever
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac, smart devices
Download: Website, Apple Store, and Play Store

Forest App

If your smartphone has a stranglehold on your life, the Forest app is just what the doctor ordered. The app lets you plant a seedling and grow it to maturity by simply focusing on your work and not leaving the app.

The app works by rewarding your productivity bouts with tangible benefits. Each time you hit your productivity goal, the app acknowledges your efforts by planting a tree.

The best part? The company behind the app goes out and plants a real tree. So far, 566,145 trees have been planted by Forest. A great initiative, right?

When Would Forest App Be Useful?

Freelancers are often plagued by procrastination, especially when faced with a challenging task. Forest helps to improve your focus by prompting you to give your phone a break. Your primary motivation is to create an entire forest, which is only possible if you set goals and crush them repeatedly.

Pricing: Free
Compatibility: All smart devices
Download: Website, App Store for iOS, Google Play Apps

Spelling Checkers


Grammarly is useful in catching incorrect sentence structures, typos, punctuation mistakes, stylistic mistakes, and more. Rooting out these mistakes gives your written content a professional appeal. Grammarly ensures you never turn in a piece that comes off as sloppy and riddled with errors.

When Is Grammarly Useful?

Every single day. As a copywriter, your work life revolves around the written word. Passing your work through Grammarly before presenting it to the client eliminates embarrassing mistakes that can ruin your image. It’s an essential proofreading tool that lets you fix any errors that may escape your eye.

Pricing: Free and paid plans
Compatibility: Compatible with Platform, including web browsers
Download: Website, Apple Store and Play Store


Thesaurus provides you with a massive collection of vocabulary at the click of a button. It lets you substitute complex words with simple, everyday words to make your work flow smoother.

How Useful Is a Thesaurus?

Very. It keeps your written pieces from resembling something coming straight from PLO’s desk. It helps you substitute weak words with their stronger and more impactful ones to keep your work punchy and entertaining.

Pricing: Free of charge
Compatibility: All platforms
Download: Website, Play store, Apple Store https://www.thesaurus.com/

Imagination Prompt

As the name suggests, Imagination Prompt is on a mission to fire up a copywriter’s imagination. The app promises to get your creative juices flowing whenever you’re feeling uninspired or battling writer’s block. It fires a series of prompts at the click of a button to trigger your creative spark.

When Is Imagination Prompt Useful?

Like the Powerpuff Girls, the Imagination prompt will roll up to save the day whenever you need a little help. It gives you little nudges to get the creative fire going, drops a story starter to kick off your writing, and even offers a guided writing challenge.

Pricing: Free
Compatibility: Multi-platform
Download: Website

Hemingway’s App

Named after the legendary Ernest Hemingway, this app is on a mission to help you improve your writing. It helps you to eradicate winded sentences work to leave your writing clear and concise. Hemingway was renowned for his simple, clear, and fluff-free writing style.

How Is Hemingway’s App useful?

The app highlights long sentences, passive voice, fluff, adverbs, weak phrases, and compound words. It lets you gauge the readability score of the works while letting you keep it to the recommended 8th-grade level. It helps you keep your sentences short and readable when writing for the web.  

Pricing: Free for a web browser; $19.99 for desktop and Mac software
Compatibility: Multi-platform
Download: Website

Skyrocket Your Freelance Career

Ukisha master time management na kurefine productivity, it’s time to take your game to the next level.

Ni time ya kusaka maclient wa vungu na wanakanja visawasawa for your refined skills and expertise.

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Kisha Upload hiyo CV.

Pia unaeza sorora hiyo job board.

Hii platform intumika na client bazenga kusaka professional freelancer wawasaidie kurun biashara zao.

Client akija hapa huwa vetted to the highest level to ensure they are genuine and won’t stiff you of your hard-earned money.

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