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How To Communicate Cost-Effectively With Designers

At a minimum your online store should have a professionally designed logo and a store template that matches. But how do you communicate what you want to a designer? The quickest way to blow your store design budget is to miscommunicate with a graphic designer. A designer will typically charge by the hour for their…

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How To Find An eCommerce Designer

“Outsourcing” and “freelancing” are two hugely popular buzzwords that have apparently revolutionised business in recent years. Don’t believe the hype. Instead, think of “outsourcing” as simply hiring someone for a job you need done. If your stove breaks, you tend to “outsource” to a professional repair person. The process you would generally go through is…

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How To Write A Logo Brief For A Graphic Designer

The aim of this guide is to help you communicate effectively with a graphic designer. It is not as straightforward as you probably think. Instead, you need to give your graphic designer the best chance of converting your abstract thoughts into a useful, attractive and effective logo for your store.

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How To Write A Store Template Brief For Graphic Designers

An eCommerce website is designed to do two things: to showcase your products and services and to entice viewers to become buyers. A visitor to your online store needs to know at a glance what your about and – once they take a closer look – how they can use your site to access your…

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How To Write A Basic Logo Design Brief For Graphic Designers

A well written logo brief will save you time and money, both of which you may have in short supply! Prepare a short introductory letter that can be sent to a designer to catch their attention. Too much detail will create a burden, but not enough information will quickly be dismissed as a trivial request….

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How To Brand Your Store With A Favicon

A Favicon is a small graphic that sits in the left corner of your URL bar. It is an icon that identifies your store, much like logo does. It’s a bit like adding a little cherry on top of a cake – it’s not necessary but it’s a nice addition. Favicons will make it easier…

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How To Pick The Best Woocommerce Theme

After deciding which eCommerce cart to use for your store, the next major step is to select what theme to use. This will bring more life to your store so it wouldn’t appear too dull or bland. If you will be using the popular WooCommerce plugin, there are quite a handful of themes you can…

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How To Create A Store Style Guide For Every Designer

In order for branding to be effective, it must be easily recognizable; the viewer should immediately associate and identify the branding materials with the company that they represent. A big key to branding materials being recognizable is for them to be visually consistent. A style guide will help maintain visual consistency by showing and telling…

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How To Add Upsell Links To Order Confirmation Emails

You need to know this guide because there is an opportunity to generate additional income through post-sales via order confirmation emails. These emails are categorized as ‘transactional emails’ and they have high response rates. According to conventional wisdom, the best time to sell to a customer is right after a successful purchase. Taking advantage of post-sales can…

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How To Color Your Store With 12 Free Fun eCommerce Icon Sets

  The eCommerce industry rises to become an essential part of our life. More and more people prefer to shop online and make transactions over the Internet. And most entrepreneurs and business owners go with this technology trend and find it a must to make their products available online. To make our stores stand out…

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