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How To Research Demand For Your Product

So you think you have the next million dollar business idea, huh? Or perhaps you have more modest goals and just want to make a few thousand dollars each month to cover your mortgage. Truth of the matter is that you won’t know the answer until you conduct market testing. As the name implies, market testing…

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How To Write A Useful Customer Marketing Profile

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of any eCommerce business is knowing and understanding your customers and clients. In order to do so, it is necessary to include writing a marketing profile or customer profile in your business plan. Although most business owners – both online and offline – do write a…

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How To Optimize Stores For Keywords That Convert

On-page SEO has always been a key element for ranking high on search engines. Even though some of its elements are using importance in terms of ranking, it’s still very important to have those elements set up. Good on-page SEO can help you rank higher on Google as you increase crawler’s understanding of your site,…

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How To Choose Valuable Keywords For Your Online Store

  The most important attribute for store owners is a keyword value. Keyword is valuable if it leads to a sale. You can also deem it as valuable if it leads to a sign up, newsletter opt-in, pdf download or if it’s sticky (meaning people are staying longer on your site, exploring multiple pages, low…

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How To Choose Long-Tail Keywords For Store Blogging

In the previous guide on How To Choose Valuable Keywords For Your Store we talked about matching your pages with keywords that you researched. Among those keywords you will find 3, 4 or more words phrases that will be suitable for your content topics. It is important to track the effect of every intended keyword…

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How To Learn From Your Store’s Competitors

One of the first steps when planning to invest some effort in SEO, or even without investing in SEO, is competition research. Your established competitors already made a lot of mistakes and then corrected them. This means you can just take a look at what they are doing and try to do the same. You…

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